NAMC on Capital Hill

 National Association of Minority Contractor releases its annual U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 2018 EEOC reported. We must stand up against discrimination lack of hiring and unfair firing of minority workers.


"The construction industry has remained one of the few bastions of blatant and open racism in the workplace," said Charles Coleman Jr., senior trial attorney at the EEOC. “The attempts to humiliate these courageous claimants are shameful and even after Laquila was on notice of its behavior, they allowed for this disrespect to continue.”


Laquila Group, a contractor based in New York City, settled a $625,000 U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission discrimination lawsuit after six African-American employees claimed they had been the targets of racial slurs. The six alleged that in addition to the denigrating comments, company foreman made them use separate bathroom facilities outside on the project.


A female carpenter, sued her former employer, Farmingdale, Pabco Construction Corp., alleging that she was fired because of her gender and that during her employment she and other women were not given the same opportunities for overtime work, training or career advancement. Filed an official complaint with her union, said she was also the target of disparaging and condescending remarks claiming that women did not belong on construction job sites. The case is headed for a jury trial, according to the latest documents filed with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

FY 2018 DBE Report Summary

During 2019 a total number of 14,267 DBE contracts were awarded for a total of $1,834,958,203.67 in awards and commitments.


Of the total number of contracts awarded 8,173 were awarded to Nonminority DBE firms.


Address with DOT pay when paid exclusion for DBE firms also addressing States that mandate a pre-qualification of DBE of Federal Contracts not mandated by Federal DOT